Mufflers & Custom Exhaust

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At Exhaust Pro you may be surprised to hear we’re not in the business of simply selling you a new muffler. We’re in the business of inspecting the problem first, then giving you cost effective options to save you money.

The diagnosis may be something as simple as a loose heat shield or broken exhaust hanger. Although you may require a new muffler, you can depend on Exhaust Pro to diagnose the problem first.

We also offer catalytic converter testing.

Custom exhaust systems

When you want more than function, ask about our custom exhaust systems for maximum performance, sound and appearance. Whether for the street or the track, our performance advantage can mean the difference.

We install high performance exhaust systems for custom and classic automobiles from performance lines such as Dynomax, Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Cherry Bomb, Flo~Pro and IMCO.

We also offer catalytic converter testing and replacement.

Cherry Bomb Dorman Flo-Pro Flowmaster Jones
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