The Modern Tune-up starting at $39.95

for basic 4 cylinder service, some models higher


Today’s modern vehicles still need tune-ups to keep them operating at the most efficient levels for fuel economy, performance and emissions. This saves you money.

It’s all about the “drivability” of your vehicle, which is the way your car runs. If your vehicle isn’t running properly, it could be you’re not going to get where you want to go.

That’s why we suggest inspection of the following systems:

  • Battery, charging and starting
  • Engine mechanical, including compression check if required
  • Powertrain control, including onboard diagnostic checks
  • Fuel
  • Ignition, including spark plugs
  • Emissions

In the process, we’ll check for failed or failing components such as loose or damaged wiring, leaking fuel lines, cracked coolant hoses, and frayed belts.

Although there may be none, warning signs may range from a starting problem or check engine light to engine misfires. Before that next vacation or when preparing for a change in the seasons, let us perform a modern tune-up.